Insults & Sword Play—What’s not to love?

Last week (June 10-14) was filled with many exciting moments as the Greenville Shakespeare Company held our third year of Acting Up with Shakespeare Camp in partnership with Piano Central Studios. The week catered to eager young performers between the ages of 8 and 12 and was staffed by current GSC cast and crew. GSC president/camp director Jeffrey Stegall, actor/musician Nikki Eoute, actor/interns Meagan Ingersoll and Brooke Waters, and cupcake wench Margaret Stegall filled the students’ week with text work, music & singing, drama games, basic stage combat techniques, and even a few Shakespearean insults. (Try telling someone, “Thy breath stinks with eating toasted cheese” or “Thou frothy hedge-born boar-pig!”) In just 4 ½ days students memorized several shortened scenes from Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors (the play Summer Shakespeare is performing this season), learned choreography to a Comedy of Errors-themed song, as well as practiced a few sword-fighting maneuvers—made more realistic by the hurling of aforementioned insults during the thrusts and parries. At the end of the week, students donned zany costumes (in true Summer Shakespeare style) and performed for parents, grandparents, and friends. It was a perfect showcase of what these creative and energetic students had learned throughout the week. If you have children ages 8-12, we’d love to have them join us next year! (by GSC intern Brooke Waters)

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